Cancer Diagnosis through Dogs

Cancer diagnosis through dogs

Cancer diagnosis through dogs

Tokyo: More than 6,000 residents of Japan’s Kanamama are participating in an unusual study, aimed at knowing whether dogs can actually smell cancer or find cancer.

This study is being done under the supervision of Professor Masao Mithashita and her colleagues of the Medical Medical School, while the selection of the town for this study has been done because the number of people living here is suffering from cancer in the stomach.

Cancer Diagnosis through Dogs

All the participants in the study will be sent to the organization by applying urine samples, where specially trained dogs will be added to their abortion. These dogs, if they are intensely flowing by smelling samples, it will mean that the person has either stomach cancer or is near to suffer from it. However, it will be confirmed in other ways and it will be seen that these trained dogs have correctly diagnosed stomach cancer or not.

Massau Miasheita claims that in her trained dogs, the ability to accurately identify the cancer is almost 100% and this will verify the same.

It is clear that the power of dogs is the most common among all other animals and different types of regularly trained dogs are used to look after smuggling drugs.

Based on these things, medical experts say that as many as dogs are able to smell drugs and identify them, they can be trained to train dangerous and dangerous diseases such as cancer.