Hockey: ‘Such qualifying for the World Cup is not vigilant’


Hockey: ‘Such qualifying for the World Cup is not vigilant’

According to the Pakistan Hockey Federation, the Pakistani hockey team has come to qualify for the next World Cup in India, but former Pakistani hockey Olympics say it is not a viable way to qualify.

Remember that the Pakistani hockey team had secured the seventh position in ten teams in the World Cup qualifying tour in London last days.

Five teams from the tournament were to qualify for the World Cup, but the spokesman of Pakistan Hockey Federation said that in the event of the success of Argentina or Canada in Pan American competition, one would vacate the Indians’ World Cup Will be played as a host, so it is definitely to qualify for the Pakistan Cricket World Cup in the seventh number.

Talking to the Pakistani Hockey Federation secretary and the well-known Nazim player Shahbaz Ahmed, Rasheed Shakoor, while talking to London, said the Pakistani team has seen the disappointment of the World Cup to qualify for the qualifying competition. This style can not be described as anybody else.

Shahbaz Ahmed says that the Pakistan Hockey Federation has never interrupted team selection and has always made the team management free, but based on the current outcome, Hanif Khan and coach Khawaja Javed have decided to make a decision after the detailed review of the situation. And this change will definitely be done if this change is necessary for the interest of the game.

Shahbaz Ahmed said that if any of the senior players proved his fitness again, he did not have any objection to adding him to the team, but the team was still busy in the presence of his senior players, so keeping forward the future, Were added to

Former Olympian Reformed in told BBC with San Francisco that the way the Pakistani team has qualified for the World Cup as the Federation is saying, it is true that it is not qualified for its performance. But on the other side of the bill.

Reformed in said that in the past, the Pakistan team used to get the field to win only but now it is thought only to qualify in the World Cup and the biggest thing that the Pakistani team has performed is Even as the hockey of the tradition of Hockey was not like that.

In 1978, the Pakistan team winning the World Cup Champions Trophy and Asian Games said that the team is responsible for the disappointing team management because the federation will definitely give it all the resources and options, so after the disappointment team The management should immediately accept the responsibility of failure and the Federation should also see that using the shoulder of someone else’s defeat should not try to escape itself.