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Good morning, you guys. So we’re going to begin with a living legend, Jane fonda celebrating her 80th birthday on Saturday and she did it with a twofer. I love this. She had a fabulous party with some of her closest friends and co-stars but it doubled as a fund-raiser for a charity that she founded, the Georgia campaign for adolescent power and potential. Carole king, James Taylor, they serenaded fonda with a selection of their greatest hits and, yes, her ex Ted turner was there. All smiles as Jane gave a speech saying she never imagined she’d live this long but feels better than ever. She looks amazing. I mean. Fantastic. Benjamin button. She looks fantastic. There were many toasts and an eight-course meal to represent her eight decades of life followed by a silent auction that raised, I love this, a birthday party that raised $1.3 million for her charity. The gift that keeps on giving. I think it’s a great idea. And Oprah Winfrey person lil a giving $100,000 in a very heartfelt video to the birthday girl. Happy birthday, Jane fonda. Happy 80th. It was the iheartradio jingle ball this weekend. It happened at Madison square garden right here in New York. A lot of lucky people got to go see some great music including demi Lovato, Sam Smith and many others but one of the highlights we’re hearing about is when two special guests walked out onto the stage to introduce the final actor, there they are, Katie Holmes and her little girl Suri a huge fan of Taylor Swift and a rare appearance. Usually keeping her out of the spotlight but not when it comes to Taylor Swift. When they introduced her Taylor brought the house down with her new songs ready for it, end game and a couple of fan favorites and I’m told a great night was had by all. Sure. My daughter Elliott — Did they go. First time she went to a concert alone with her friends. I got a lot of crying videos. Oh, boy. That’s a lot of drama. Then finally you guys I’d like to argue this kid Ryan might have the best job in the world. He’s 6 years old. He’s already an internet sensation. He earned $11 million pretax dollars what is year. How, you ask. From his YouTube channel, his page called Ryan toys review where he makes huge bucks playing with toys and sharing his thoughts. It’s legitimate. He does this with candy and sweets, as well. I’ll take that job. Ryan began his YouTube page at 4 and now two years later the “Forbes” magazine has a listed him as one of YouTube’s highest earners thank to his 10 million dedicated followers. His most recent post which we looked at it three ties. Weren’t sure we were looking at it correctly. It has been viewed over 800 million types. Get out. Are you serious? Yes. 800 million times. When you started that story you said $11 million, kid review toys. This lady — I don’t know your name. You looked right at your son like, what’s going on, man? Enough of these free meals around the house. Pick it up. I think there are a lot of breakfast tables all across America doing that same thing? That’s all I got. Thank you, Lara.

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