Lionel Messi: The love of childhood is changing in marriage


Lionel Messi: The love of childhood is changing in marriage

Football superstar Leonard Messi will marry her childhood girlfriend in her native city in Argentina on Friday.


Massey will marry her husband Rokokov in her native city, Riyadhio. Both of them met in Riyadh.

A local Argentine newspaper has called this marriage as the ‘Best Wedding of the Century’.

In this wedding, 260 guests have been invited, including Barcelona and Risks playing with Massachusetts. Most of the guests have arrived from private aircraft to Riyadh.


Police personnel has been deployed for security while a private security company will work within the hotel to prevent the invited guests.

According to wedding administrators, 150 journalists have been released for coverage in the special press area. However, these journalists will be allowed to live in the press area only.


Where did Messi and Rokozzo meet?

Meeting 30-year-old Messi, with Rokozo, was five years old.

Lucoko Segalia’s cousin is the best friend of Rokozy Messi. Luke is also a professional footballer.

Macy accepted Barcelona’s play on 13 years old. Their condition was that the Barcelona Club would treat the gross hormone deficiency in them.

Massey and Rocozo live in Barcelona and have two sons.


What do we know about marriage?

Their marriage will be at the City Center Hotel in Riyadhio. According to reports, the pair of Rokoku Rosa Clara will wear. Rosa is a famous designer of Barcelona.

Guests are invited to Barcelona, including Gerald Peak and his pop star Shakira.

According to the local media, she was invited to attend Argentina’s famous footballer Maradona.