Russia opposes Military Action against North Korea

Russia opposes military action against North Korea

Russia opposes military action against North Korea

New York: Russia opposed North Korea to destroy and combat military action in the Security Council.

The United Nations Security Council’s emergency meeting on the North Korean catastrophic missiles was held in New York, with representatives from Japan and South Korea. In the meeting, France ratified the decision of economic sanctions on North Korea, while the American delegate Nikki Heli said that the economic sanctions against North Korea are inevitable, and there is also an option for military action against North Korea’s removal. Nikki Haley said the US knows how to defend its allies, while China’s trade with North Korea is a violation of UN sanctions.


Russia and China oppose the sanctions on military operations and military action, calling upon the United States to stop the installation of a tread missile system in South Korea. North Korea’s missile is a mid-term missile, missile strikes in North Korea are unacceptable, while the US has stopped South Korea from preparing missile-shaken system, to recognize everyone That restriction is not a solution to the problem.