Introducing criminal-catching automatic Robot Cars


Introducing criminal-catching automatic robot cars


Dubai: After the police operations in Dubai, automatic patrol vehicles have been introduced, which also have the ability to identify criminals.

A few days ago, a robot soldier was presented by the Dubai Police, which has been reported worldwide, but now in the second phase, cars in Dubai have been planned to rotate on the roads in the automatic way and offenders and other activities. Will look at In this regard, Dubai Police Commander Major General Abdul Khalifa Alfari says Dubai is interested in using modern technology against crime.


By the end of this year, Smart but short robot vehicles will be seen patrolling on the streets of Dubai. They have the biometric software, scanner, and 360-degree viewing cameras. If the car feels that Groundwater surveillance is not enough, then it can launch a drone so that the air can be reviewed by the area.


Police will only be able to turn these vehicles on or off by fingerprints, while robot vehicles will be used to protect tourist places and foreigners because Dubai has about 2.5 million tourists each year.

Earlier, the Dubai police have also appointed the robots police officer to assist the people and the suspect-looking police officer, and by 2030, 25 percent of the police will not be human, but a suicide robot.