Canceling the Spread of Cancer


Canceling the spread of cancer


Movement of cancer cells in the body has been imposed on a video by a video in Japan.

In this video, normal body cells can be seen in green while cancerous cells are red.

The university of Tokyo and Rican Contatio Biological Center say that with this technology, this deadly process will be explained.

* Experiences include 75 percent reduction in cancer expansion

During this research, the rat has been used, but the same way one day will be used to treat humans.

The process of spreading the cancer body is called metastasis.

Cancer is easy to prevent cancer before the spread of cancer, but if it is spread then control is very difficult.

Cancer stroke itself, but some parts of it rotate with blood in the body and become cancer cells in more places.

Understanding the treatment process of cancer cells will help in treating it.

During the experiment, the doctors tastes cancer in the rat’s body. Then, to examine the spread of the disease, insert chemicals in the body with the help of the inner body of the rat’s body.

This can make body pictures and identify cancer cells.

The study published in the cell called Cell Report has described the detail of cancer cells, lungs and liver spread.

Dr. Kohi Mayiazo, who was involved in the research, said that traveling during most of the cancer cells died but cancer started sending chemical signals again.

Researchers also discovered the effects of one, called ‘TGF Beta’ and found that it improved dramatically and made a colony of lung cancer cells.

It is believed that this technology will be used for many other diseases, including well-known diseases.