Olivia Newton-John opens up to TODAY out about second fight with Breast Cancer

Olivia Newton-John opens up to TODAY out about second fight with Breast Cancer

Olivia Newton-John said her latest session with breast cancer is “not as unnerving” as her initially fight 25 years prior when she had a youthful little girl to tend to.

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“I’ve had a great life, so I’m not as blown a gasket as I was the point at which I had a youthful kid,” the artist and performer told TODAY in a U.S. restrictive meeting.

Newton-John, 68, uncovered she was battling a moment fight with the breast cancer in May after she needed to put off her North American visit in view of treatment.

Addressing Natalie Morales in Australia at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Center, the incredible “Oil” star clarified that her now developed little girl was just 8 or 9 the first occasion when she was determined to have breast cancer


That piece of it was simply likely the most terrifying the first run through, when you have a youthful kid — I should be around to raise her,” she said in a see of the selective meeting airing one week from now on TODAY and Access Hollywood. “All things considered, I did it, and she’s alright, so it wasn’t as frightening.”

Her girl, Chloe, is currently 31 and “she has her very own existence,” she said.

Newton-John said she likewise had the help of colleagues from her examination focus amid the current year’s fight, especially as she experienced radiation (which she didn’t do amid her first session), for which she feels “extremely thankful.”

“I didn’t the first run through, so now I realize what that resembles,” she said. “So when I converse with a patient that is experiencing that, I comprehend what that implies.”