Stomach Germs also affect our Emotions, Research

Stomach Germs

Stomach Germs also affect our Emotions, Research

Los Angeles: It is proven that bacteria (germs) associated with our stomach are related to our normal physical health, but now scientists in Los Angeles (UCLA) University of California The team has discovered that the same bacteria also affect our thinking and emotions, and because of them our mode can be bad or pleasant.

Earlier this research was done on animals but this study was conducted on 40 healthy women under the age of 18 to 55 years under the head of Christine Talash in UCLA.

All these women were treated with bracelets and were present in the presence of two types of galleries, and immediately after showing pictures of different (i.e. positive and negative) emotional reactions and with the help of MRI. It has been analyzed by brain activity.


The results showed that the “bacterialides” type of glands in excess of a number of glands was more active than their memory and emotional and their response was shown more in their minds.

On the contrary, women whose waste “Pyyotilla” germs were emotionally unusual and their movement were especially significant in view of photos.

According to a report published in the journal “Journal of the Heritage Medicine”, this study shows that the presence of different glands in the belly changes the emotional condition of the stomach, and its reaction also changes.

However, there are many controversies on this research, for example, only 40 women were involved and no final result could be done for a large number of humans on such a small basis. Apart from this, this study was done only on women and may affect the effects of stomach ache in men, but this aspect was ignored completely.