Treatment of water to the Headache


Treatment of water to a headache

Amsterdam: If your head hurts mid or more intensity of pain, and does not cause any illness or cardiovascular disease, experts say that you can easily solve this problem by drinking water more than daily routine. Can do

Shortly a study conducted in Holland was selected volunteers who had a headache of two to five times or more in the month, while in such a situation the severity of the pain was severely severe. Many of them were also suffering from half-hearted pain.Treatment of water to a headache

These volunteers were divided into two groups, one group, with other healthy activities daily drinking daily, while the other group used 1.5 liters of water more than that daily.


Three months later, it was found that the people who had more water than usual, severely reduced the headache by 47 percent, almost half lived and surprisingly, this benefit was done to patients. In general, just 25 percent of the people who were drinking water and healthy activities continued to see the fate.Treatment of water to a headache

Experts say the use of more than usual routine, although not completely eliminating headache, but significantly reduces.

It is clear that an adult man should drink 2-liter liters of water daily, ie, if someone is having a headache with a headache, this quantity is made up to 3.5 liters daily.

Why drinking more water reduces a headache? One of the potential reasons for this is that adding the extra amount of blood in the blood becomes slim and it facilitates its flow. As a result, blood circulation is also improved in the mind, which reduces the headache of a headache.