A Ban on Taking pictures of the Most beautiful village in Switzerland


A ban on taking pictures of the most beautiful village in Switzerland

A village in Switzerland is so beautiful has come from people far away to see it imposed the Swiss government ban on photos of the village on the basis that they do not become jealous after seeing beautiful pictures of the Bergun Village.
This village is located

Switzerland where it is located on the site of the famous Alps mountain range and is it a beautiful village located at the foot of the hill. They turned the photos Social imposed media direct shareholder but who may be able to come here sad and disappointed to see his photos and a ban on taking photos here on the same basis and fine after coming here is.

Although this news sounds like a joke, the government has imposed a fine of 5 euros for violating the ban to take the picture.
The authority added that scientifically been proven that cause negative emotions in  took the scenic holiday destinations.
Says Peter Nikolay mayor of the city, this area is that the whole world are welcome in our village so that people enjoy the beauty of coming over here, but many analysts publicity to the observance of the decisions on the photos area It’s called a marketing tactic is known as Bergun property after the decision has increased the traffic of people.