China Declares the Presence of US Navy Fleet

US Navy Fleet
US Navy Fleet

China Declares the Presence of US Navy Fleet.

Beijing: China’s presence in the southern China-China region is considered to be a serious political and deplorable rhetoric, saying that it reserves the right to take all possible measures for its regional independence and security.

According to the British Broadcasting report, China has accused the United States that it is trying to deteriorate the peace situation in the region and its Warcraft is present in the Chinese boundaries.

Remember that the American warship on the last day, USS Statham was seen patrol near the Trinity island on which China, Taiwan, and Vietnam share their right. China had sent its military boats and fighter aircraft to the area when the presence of the American warships had been reported, but there was no kind of confusion, fortunately.


The statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry has also been confirmed that the U.S.SR entered a circle of 12 nuclear miles in Statham’s China Trinity. According to the American media report, US Defense officials say that the Warcraft was patrolling the ‘ship’s freedom of expression’. According to the United Nations rules, any country can imagine its part to the sea by 12 nautical miles from its coast, however, entering the circle of 12 nautical miles of the island mentioned by the US Navy is reflecting that it is the island But China does not accept the claim.

According to the report, the presence of Chinese Warcraft in the Chinese Warcraft was presented a few minutes before the telephonic conversation between Chinese President Shi-Jiang and US President Donald Trump. According to a statement issued by China’s official media, Chinese President told his American counterpart that some negative elements are affecting US-China relations.

The statement issued by the White House also said that both leaders reiterated their commitment to the island of Korea to be cleaned by nuclear weapons, but no details of the presence of Chinese warriors in American warfare. Not released

It is believed that in recent days, China is facing inflammation on the border from India too. China has also warned India that it will defend its border operations at all costs as experts have shown the threat of war between the two countries.