Considering more restrictions on Qatar are considered: Umar Ghabash


Considering more restrictions on Qatar are considered: Umar Ghabash

Diplomatic and commercial relations with Qatar, the prospective Arab and Gulf countries are considering imposing more sanctions on it.

Umar Ghabash, an ambassador to the United Arab Emirates for Russia, said in an interview with the British newspaper Guardian.


The Amarati ambassador said that new sanctions are likely to oppose the Arab-based Arab countries with their business partners to choose whether or not they choose Qatar or one of them.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have disconnected diplomatic, travel and trade ties with Qatar, supporting terrorist groups and destabilizing the region this month, while Qatar denies these allegations. Is.

The countries have also listened to 13 demand lists in front of Qatar, which has been terminated for ten days for execution.

However, Qatar says that he will not interact with the Arab countries unless economic and travel restrictions are imposed on it.

Qatar faces difficulties due to these diplomatic and economic sanctions, and in such a situation Turkey and Iran are two countries sending food and other goods.

Omar Ghabash said that Qatar’s Gulf Cooperation Organization can not be the only one restriction.

‘There are some economic restrictions that we can apply and are being considered at all.


He said, “One of these things might possibly be banned from our business partners and ask them to decide whether they have to work with Qatar or with us.” ‘

Among the 13 countries demanding from the countries of Qatar, TV channels include the demand for the closure of the Algeria and Turkish military base, but also to reduce ties with Iran.

Qatar has rejected these demands as inappropriate and incredible.

In this conflict, all Arab countries who are taking action against Qatar are very close to America, but the US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson also says that there are some of the demands offered by four Arab countries to remove sanctions from Qatar. It will be difficult to fulfill.

However, they also said that these suggestions also provide the basis for the solution to this problem.