Constant use of Honey Protects you from Heart Attack


Constant use of honey protects you from heart attack

Washington: News of honey that is used to process content from overlapping in the arteries of the heart protects against heart natural sweetness.
Smoking and becomes the other end several factors to coronary artery elasticity and begins to collect solid yellow material is called ‘plaque’ called that stop blood flow to the heart can also cause heart disease and death.


The rate of fat deposits in the arteries

The rate of fat deposits in the arteries to the natural sweetness, tresillos in honey can be reduced to 30%. A new study has found that the active tresillos is a protein that helps to clear fat from the arteries of the body’s natural defense system.
When tested on mice found that frozen fat in the arteries was reduced by 30%. The flexibility of the arteries and heart disease are born with low blood pressure and fill the grease.


Washington University scientists

Washington University scientists immunized mice tresillos hunting fat in the arteries and through the mouth of the true sweetness. The mice were reduced to 0.25 mm to 0.35 mm thick layer of fat in the arteries was the tresillos. About 30 percent of the plaque ended mixed. The mice were given tresillos sweetness of the food, I see recovered from the needle without much difference.