Electricity Smart Street

Electricity Smart Street

Electricity Smart Street

London: Buyers at the UK’s famous Bird Street can now make electricity while running and in this way, it is the world’s first smart street.

According to Pio Jane, an electricity-producing Road-based company, it is intended to show a glimpse of future roads so that people can afford to buy comfortably in the traffic and pollution-free environment and develop sustainable electricity through their own steps. You can play your role in the action.

Electricity Smart Street

Currently, the smart road is just 10 square meters wide, with the strength of human feet and specialty-making panels have been created. There are food and clothing shops on both sides of the road, close to this, Oxford Street is a very famous center of shopping, but there is noise and turmoil, and there is a pride of comfort on this Bird Street, as customers walk here. Has to go

The power-making panel has been named as a vertical form, and a panel generates continuous power up to five watts. The panel transforms human dynamical energy into electricity, which gives sides of the side of the street lamps, the birds exhaust the sounds of birds and the blue tooth transmitter work.


Buyers can find the amount of electricity generated by the display on the road or can get details on their smartphone. In addition to this, special benches have been made with the help of Airlines, whose system eliminates hazardous nitrogen dioxide and aerial particles and is refreshed fresh from the benches of benches.

Apart from generating electricity, Origami (Japanese art to pair the paper in different formats), the models made in the 21st century offer a modern concept of shopping centers and public places.