In India, the Girl kidnapped a boy on a Gunpoint & Got Married


In India, the Girl kidnapped a boy on a Gunpoint & Got Married

Himachal Pradesh: After abducting a girl, you will hear much news and movies will be seen in this case, but the famous girl named Rivolverani in India has got the boy to get the gun punch But kidnapped from the shrine and got married to him.

According to the Indian media report, a girl named Vishwa Soho was a news celebration when she kidnapped Ashok Memo on a gunpoint by a boy on May 15, and from then onwards people called her as Ravaloor Rani. Were there Now, Vajpayee has married Ashok and she says she has to bury her very much to see the day.

According to the details, Ashok and Vardha knew each other for the past 8 years and wanted to marry, but Ashok’s family had fixed her marriage somewhere else, and Ashok also kneaded forward for her family’s wishes; However, Verma did not even have any idea that another girl married to him because she loved so she reached the maiden day of marriage and kidnapped Ashok on the gunpoint and took her along with her.


After the escape of Asoka and Vardha, girl’s family lodged Ashok’s trial case on which the police had taken him to custody. On the other hand, Ashok’s family did not make any case at Varsha, but he refused to even betray his son on bail.

To release Asoka, Vardha submitted the bail of bail, after which he released the jail from July 7, and both of them decided to marry as soon as possible. The wedding ceremony was held in a village in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, and it was allocated by the local unit of Hindu extremist Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena’s State President Ratan Brahmari also attended the wedding and on this occasion, he also announced to establish an NGO which was named Rivalwal Rani and Verma was appointed as head of him. This NGO will now help those girls whose betrayal will be betrayed, but boys girls who love marriage will also be helped.