India is preparing Nuclear Missiles targeting The Whole China, American experts

India -is-preparing-Nuclear- Missiles-targeting-The-Whol-China

India is preparing nuclear missiles targeting The Whol China, American experts

Washington: US nuclear experts have revealed that India is continuing its renewal of its nuclear assets and is now preparing for missiles that can be fired on any part of China.


According to the Indian media report, American defense experts Hanes M Christenson and Robert Noures have claimed in his article published in the digital journal “Offensive Midnight” that India’s attention has now changed and instead of Pakistan Keeping in mind China is setting up its nuclear strategy. The two authors also claimed that India is also engaged in the preparation of such missiles, which could help target the entire Chinese military base in the southern part of the country.



The published article titled “Indian Nuclear Forces 2017”, which has also claimed that India has developed so much plutonium that is enough to manufacture 150 to 200 nuclear weapons. He has prepared 120 to 130 missiles.


US experts said in the report that this change in strategy could increase India’s nuclear capability during the next 10 years and could also influence the role of nuclear weapons against Pakistan. He revealed that India is developing several new nuclear vessels (weapons) systems and currently there are 7 such systems where nuclear weapons can be operated, including two planes, four-person killers. Ballistic missile and a sea-hit ballistic missile, while more than four systems are in the process of completion.


Christenson and Norses also claimed that the next version of the next One of the next One is capable of carrying traditional and nuclear weapons up to 2,000-kilometer meters and potentially is Western, Central and South China. The report also states that the modern missile of this series will be capable of targeting any part of China, including Beijing and Shanghai, while India is also engaged in the long-term missile 5 missiles, which The range will be more than 5 thousand kilometers. The report states that after preparing the next 5, India will be able to deploy the missiles in the central and south of the country, which are far from China’s border.

Remember that the tension on genuine line-of-control is going on between China and India these days and China has accused of imposing a crackdown on Indian soldiers and said that this issue will be discussed at the same time when the Indian Army is unconsciously Return to your previous position. Defense experts have also expressed concerns over the war between India and China.