Innocent truck driver shot to death in Baton Rouge just doing job he loved, father says

Innocent truck driver shot to death in Baton Rouge just doing job he loved, father says

Innocent truck driver shot to death in Baton Rouge just doing job he loved, father says


A Tennessee driver repairing a tire on his 18-wheeler Tuesday while holding up to offload a conveyance at a Florida Boulevard distribution center was victimized and after that lethally shot, police said.


Keith Odom, 49, of Jonesborough, Tennessee, was shot around 8 a.m. while making the repair in the parking garage of the Longbow mall in the 12300 square of Florida Boulevard. He was holding up to make a conveyance to Barton’s Surplus Warehouse. He kicked the bucket later in a doctor’s facility, said Sgt. Wear Coppola, a Baton Rouge police representative.


Coppola said examiners trust Odom was shot after he turned over his belonging to the thief.


Despite the fact that police have confined a few people for addressing, Sgt. L’Jean McKneely, likewise a police representative, said specialists have not recognized a suspect in the deadly shooting.


Jeremy Hill, who works at Barton’s Surplus Warehouse, said Tuesday he landed at work early and saw Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services responders offering help to Odom behind his 18-wheeler.


“He looked dead,” Hill said of Odom. “He was white, white, white.”


The police cleared the scene, yet a blood recolor stayed on the solid close to the back of the 18-wheeler.


Slope said he was told the truck driver was fixing a tire before the shooting. A blood-recolored receipt from Advance Auto Parts naming Odom as the client and had a timestamp of 7:44 a.m. Tuesday for tire repair materials lay on the ground alongside the truck.


Two representatives who work at another business in the Longbow strip mall disclosed to The Advocate that just before the shooting, they saw a man in a dark hoodie and a knapsack walking about the parking area. They said he watched strange and alluded to him as a “peculiarity.”


Inside minutes, individuals began slamming into their entryway, hollering that somebody had been shot, the workers said. At the point when the representatives watched out the front entryway, they saw the casualty lying in the parking garage and the man in the hooded sweatshirt running over the parking area toward the Citi Trends store.


The workers declined to give their names.


Devante’ Williams, an administrator at Barton’s Surplus Warehouse, said his organization was expecting a conveyance Tuesday from Travis Brown Trucking, headquartered in Jonesborough, Tennessee. He said offloading of trucks more often than not starts around 8:30 a.m.


Nobody addressed the telephone at Travis Brown Trucking when they were reached for input late Tuesday evening.


Another Longbow entrepreneur, who declined to give his name, said he frequently observes Travis Brown Trucking organization trucks in the parking area holding up to make conveyances to the distribution center. He said the drivers will frequently arrive overnight or at a young hour in the morning and rest until the point when the distribution center opens.


He said he routinely keeps running off suspicious people and reports them to police. Presently, he stated, he is investigating introducing different reconnaissance cameras and as of now had called an organization about it Tuesday morning after the shooting.


Odom’s folks in Jonesborough, Tennessee, were compelled to acclimate to their “teddy bear” and just youngster wasn’t getting back home Tuesday.


“We realize that those things do happen,” said Kenneth Odom, Keith Odom’s dad. “His mom and I are attempting to acknowledge what happened and that he won’t return through the entryway at 10 p.m. this evening.”


His said his child intended to return home at 1214 Old State Route 34 on Tuesday before leaving on another run Wednesday.


The more youthful Odom adored seeing the nation and would dependably share the locales he saw with his folks, making suggestions for touring treks and exhortation on courses to take. He had effectively given guidance for his parent’s 50th wedding commemoration outing to Niagara Falls in September.


“He was needing to be a truck driver from the time he was a young man, 7 or 8 years of age,” Odom said of his child. “All he at any point needed to do was drive. When he was mature enough, he got his permit and he went out and about driving.”


Kenneth Odom figured out how to expect mishaps and crashes as a word related danger for his child, yet the Vietnam veteran never thought his child “would wind up being the one with the projectile in him.”


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