Michael Phelps will now compete with the Great White Shark


Michael Phelps will now compete with the Great White Shark


New York: King of the World Swimming Michael Phelps, who dashed the hopes of rivals in several competitions, including the Olympics now are preparing for the Great White Shark.
Mail Online reported that the US swimmer who honor the most gold medals in the Olympics, Michael Phelps will descend into the water to beat Great White Shark next month but 28 Olympic medals, having the honor to his name Michael Phelps are going to do this dangerous adventure?
In fact, she is planning to launch the Discovery Shark Week next week are going to be a dangerous job Wildlife Discovery Channel program. Michael Phelps and Shark vs. the ‘Phelps comparison between the Sharks: Great Gold vs. named Great White “.

In his press release, Discovery made a memorable event that did not do it before, but it is not clear that will be held at how swimming competition between the Sharks and Michael Phelps and back in the water it will be available both sharks and Phelps will be the arrangements for the protection of Michael Phelps.
A few days ago, Michael Phelps was posted a picture on his Instagram account of the Great White Shark in the water while they are still present inside the iron cage. Phelps said in his message that he is what he always wanted to work with the diving with Great White.
I see that this contest Michael Phelps continue its success or does the Great White Shark dispersion.