Our New Missile is a Gift on the American Independence Day, North Korea

Our new missile is a gift on the American Independence Day, North Korea

Our new missile is a gift on the American Independence Day, North Korea


Pyongyang: North Korea declared its new international anti-missile experience as a gift for Americans on American Independence Day.

North Korea successfully made an international experience of “Benasonic Ballistic Missile”, “Wyssing 14”, which arranged in Japan’s ocean. In this regard, North Korean leader Kim Jong used hard words in his statement, saying this missile was a gift of American Independence Day for Americans on July 4.

The US Threatens to Attack North Korea

According to the Korean news agency’s Korean Central News, Kim Jong said that the US tried our determination and ignored our warringings, “American Bartrades”, more than our gifts sent on July 4. We will not be happy, we should keep sending such gifts for the time being removed from their bourgeois.


Kim Jong said that the missile is beautiful as an attractive boy, and until the end of the US does not end its hostility, North Korea will not negotiate with the US on closing its arms program.


In addition, experts say that after the new missile experience, the US state of Alaska has hit North Korea. David Wright, the American Global Science Association’s Integration Global Security Program, said the flight periods and distance show that the missile can be up to 6700 km. He said that missile range is not so much that America’s reach can reach 48 states or Hawaii Islands but it can reach Alaska. US Secretary of State Rex Taylor said that the new missile experience has increased the risk of the world.