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This is a live look at cape may, New Jersey. We’re going to have that shot coming up but it’s taking aim at the northeast and rob is in new Jersey right now to start our coverage. Rob. Good morning, Tom. In southern New Jersey where the snow just started to fall. That precipitation beginning to reach towards the north and east. Boy, wasn’t it a mild and quiet fall for most of the country. Well, all things have changed and this storm has been winding up for a couple of days hitting the south first with a vengeance. Overnight winter weather taking aim at the east coast from Delaware to Virginia, residents prepping for the firstle significant snowfall of the season. It is snowing like crazy here. Reporter: Treacherous conditions continue continue across the south. And this massive 20-car pileup. Parts of Texas blanketed with half a foot and Houston greeted with this unusual sight. Eight years since it’s seen snow. These palm trees in Portland, Texas, receiving a dusting. In North Carolina, cars slipping and sliding. Some guy in a truck slid off the road and hit a car. This FedEx truck losing control and toppling over. Atlanta brought to a near standstill by a wintry mix and delta canceling 1300 flights in the last day with a line of means needing deicing. Over,000 power outages reported in georgiament one man killed by a power line downed by ice and snow. Dangerous conditions in or the east Alabama with multiple accidents and closed roads. In parts of Mississippi, the highest daily snowfall in 35 years. Nearly half a foot of snow there as the storm pushes east. All right and the snow is going to be starting to pick up across parts of New Jersey. We want to show you what the forecast is and what it’s been doing. In Florida, I mean this is a striking sign we’re on the side of a roadway and expect travel to be bad. Always bad the first snowfall of the season. Well, in Florida, the sunshine state, they claim to still be open for business even though they’ve got snow there yesterday. Unbelievable how cold it’s been all the way down into the gulf of Mexico. Here’s the snow now, Richmond up through ocean city now stretching in through Philadelphia and Atlantic City and this will begin to fill in but the northeast right now rather dry, but it’ll have some time and once it gets wound up today we’ll look for anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snowfall really in a stretch from philly all the way up through Boston. So for the first snowfall of the season not pretty strong one and the roadways, you know, it’s going to be probably pretty slick. Always tough to drive the first time of the season in that first snow. You’re not quite used to it like the first cold shot of the season so hopefully everyone travels safe on this Saturday. So strange to see so much snow in the south yet we haven’t been hammered yet. We want to move to those raging

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