Tanker crash: ‘Number of deaths 177, 40’s critical concern’


Tanker crash: ‘Number of deaths 177 40’s critical concern’

Medical officials of the district of Pakistan say that the people who were injured in the collision after the oil tanker’s accident in Ahmedpur Shirkiyhaveas reached a total of 177.

Focal Pursession of Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur, Dr. Amir Bukhari told the BBC that at this time 97 injured are in different hospitals, 40 of which are in critical condition.

The condition of 40 out of ’97 injured is critical because their body is 80% burnt. ‘


This accident was presented last Sunday morning when the tanker carrying the thousands of liters of oil from Karachi was near Ramadan. After which local people gathered together to collect oil from it.


In the meantime, due to unknown reasons, there was a fire coming out, which had seized hundreds of people present on the occasion.

The medical superintendent of Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital, Dr Tahira Parain told BBC Urdu that 125 people had died in the accident while 52 of the injured were 52 dead.

Talking to reporters, Omar said that the condition of most of the wounded patients is critical and there is an increase in the killings.

Dr Tahira described the reason for the death of such a large number of injured and said that if the human body burns more than 30%, the chances of surviving the patient are reduced and those who were injured in the fire were injured. The body was brought to the hospital, most of them were fed up to 80 percent.


According to the latest figures issued by the Punjab Medical Officers, where unidentified identities of 125 people who were killed in the Ahmedpur Shariah accident died while waiting for the results of the DNA analysis, 52 bodies surrendered to the crew Has gone

Authorities also say that DNA of 117 people belonging to different families have also been acquired, which will be found with samples obtained from the bodies.

According to officials, more than 100 injured are currently undergoing treatment in different hospitals in the province, most of which have been kept in Nutar Hospital Multan.

According to Pakistani media, the motorway police officials suspended five officials after being allegedly negligent after the accident.

The Pakistani police has also lodged a case in which the tanker owner, manager and driver accused him of being negligent and responsible for the accident.