The Cyber Attack Breaks only one File


The cyber attack breaks only one file ‘

Computer and Internet security experts have claimed to discover the breakthrough of a major cyber attack that affected the organizations around the world on Tuesday.

Experts say that this break is a file that can prevent viruses from affecting a machine.

However, experts have still failed to find the ‘total switch’ that could completely prevent the spread of this rendering software.

Cyber Attack Breaks only one File

They have not even been able to know where this cyber attack started and its main purpose.

Cyber-invaders have demanded $ 300 per machine to open locked machines, which also circulates the idea that this attack is a tent of action.

The victims of this cyber attack include Ukraine’s Central Bank, India’s Jawaharlal Nehru Airport, Russian company Rossnift and the British advertising company WPP.

Now experts have said that this attack can only be stopped by creating a file, but this barrier will be limited to only the machine on which this file will be created.


According to experts, if the computer’s folder in a ‘redcall’ file is named ‘perfc’, it will stop this attack.

This idea has been presented by the Internet Security Website on the Blapping Computer, and many experts have confirmed it.

Computer scientist Professor Allen Wordsworth says that the computer will be protected from virus to its extent, but it can not be prevented from spreading to other computers on the virus network.

This new racerware expansion rate is very slow compared to the ‘Wana Crosie’ virus of the previous month because its code analysis shows that this new virus does not have the potential to spread beyond the network in which it Have been installed

That is why specialists say that it is not even more likely to improve it again.