The Mysteries Island on the New in Bermuda Triangle


The Mysteries Island on the New in Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle is considered as the mysterious world of the world, but the island that has recently appeared in this area has its growing and growing.

The name of Bermuda Trai Angle is considered a symbol of fear, terror, and death due to the mysterious events occurring in this area, with many ships and plane passengers missing in the area, whose name was not found yet. Scientists have done many investigations about this island but yet the secret of its existence could not be opened so far how long the endless ships disappear, and now suddenly another mysterious island has emerged in the Bermuda Trinity Engle, which scientists Surprisingly worried.


According to the British newspaper, this island was introduced in Bermuda Triangle in April this year, locals have called the island “Chile”, the United States North Carolina coastal ‘Captain Boat’ A mile long and 400 feet wide is found in the island, a sandy sand, while there is a large number of dead fish, sharks, and snakes, people initially came to see the island far away, however people In view of the safety of the government, the government banned the people coming here.

Currently, the population of the island could not be ascertained, according to scientists it is difficult to estimate that the island will remain permanent or again become part of the sea.