This Crocodile was even more Dangerous than Dinosaur

This Crocodile was even more Dangerous than Dinosaur

This Crocodile was even more Dangerous than Dinosaur

Milan: Experts from Italy have once again reviewed the remains of an ancient animal like a crocodile, perhaps it was the most bloody animal living on earth, which used to suffer from the dinosaurs.

A few years back Madagascar was discovered by a coconut animal skull and toothbrush (Fossils), named Razanandrongobe sakalavae or Akshasra ‘Ghanaana’. The skull’s remains and teeth were estimated that this animal would have been like a big crocodile, where it was found in the area of present Madagascar 17 million years ago.


More estimates indicate that the size of the confidentiality was up to 23 feet and weighed from £ 1760 to £ 2200, namely, we can tell it as a crocodile from Elephant.


Now the Natural History Museum, Milan’s specialists, after research from Ghanaana’s more delicate research, has said that their strong and innovative appearance shows that it was meat and today it was 17 million years ago. Raj was


Her tender teeth were 15 cm long, matching the teeth of fleshy meaty dinosaurs “Tecks”, whereas her skull is like today’s crocodile. In front of this information, experts have speculated that although Ghanaana was meat and hunter animal, it did not attack in front of T-Rex, but kept sitting in the height of the high bushes and getting a chance Hunting was hazardous.

Details of this research have been published in the latest issue of Research Journal “Pieter J.”