US Threatens to Attack North Korea

US Threatens to Attack North Korea

The US threatens to attack North Korea

New York: US ambassad or to the United Nations Nikki Heli said in a meeting with the Security Council that if US military needs a military force to be fully used and widely used by North Korea.

After the North Korean recent missile experience, the US ambassador in the Security Council’s special meeting said that the United States will soon offer a new resolution to the North Korea Security Council, whereas they will implement more commercial and economic sanctions on North Korea. Also threatened

Our New Missile is a Gift on the American Independence Day, North Korea

It is clear that despite all international sanctions and severe global pressure, North Korea has continued to miss missile experiences, and in this continuation, on July 4, 2017, North Korea has an internationalized bacterial missile (ICBM) It was tested, Kim Jong, head of his head, called “Gift on Independence Day of Independence Day”.

us strick on North koria

Nikki Haley said North Korea has experienced the ICCM’s diplomatic solution almost impossible. At the emergency meeting in the Security Council, he said that America is absolutely ready to use full military capability for the defense of its and allies.

On this occasion, French Ambassador in the United Nations also expressed the hope of supporting the new resolution against North Korea. However, Russia condemned the IBMM experience, demanding the military action against North Korea to be removed from the agenda.

The Chinese delegate in the United Nations said the North Korean measures are not acceptable for Beijing as well, but China and Russia have a combined demand that the US keeps hosting missiles in South Korea, while the US and South Korea Stop your joint military exercises that they are continuing near North Korea.

In addition to the US and France, Russia and China are also permanent members of the Security Council – they can also veto a new resolution against North Korea.