Wedding of the century’: Footballer Lionel Messi’s relationship joined Marriage


Wedding of the century’: Footballer Lionel Messi’s relationship joined Marriage 

Argentine’s leading footballer Lionel Messi, on Friday with her childhood love, Antenna Rocozzo, set up hereditary stages in her native city, Rio Rio.

Meeting with Rocozzo, 29, a 30-year-old, a 30-year-old, had been before going to Barcelona when Messi was just 5 years old. Lucos Segalia’s cousin is the closest friend of Rocozzo Macy, who is also a professional footballer.


Lionel Macy: The love of childhood is changing in marriage

Massey and his wife Rokokoz now live in Barcelona and have two children.

The wedding ceremony was held in a luxury hotel in Riyadhio, which is being said as a ‘Wedding of the Sunrior’ according to an Argentine newspaper. More than 260 guests attended the event, one of whom had a large number of mates and other celebrities.


In the wedding ceremony, Messi’s soccer club, Barcelona, played with Leonis Rivers, Nimar, Javvi, Gerard, and his singer’s wife Shakira and others participated in Barcelona.

The hotel holding the event to stop the invited guests was the toughest arrangements of the hotel and 150 journalists were approached to attend the marriage ceremony but they were limited to only a specific part.