Worldwide Companies around the Cyber Attack


Worldwide companies around the cyber attack

Many companies across the world say they have been targeted by cyber attacks, which include the BPP, the British embassy agency.

The WPI says the IT system has affected its cyber attack.

Ukrainian companies are most affected by cyber attacks.


The United States National Security Council in a statement said that government agencies are investigating this cyber attack and ‘America is determined to respond to its responsibilities.’

The United States Department of Homeland Security has advised people affected by this virus that they do not pay for this virus because there is no guarantee that access to their files will be restored after payment.

Russia’s Anti-virus company Casparacional Lab says that the analysis has detected that 2,000 Cyber attacks have been carried out around the world, including Ukraine, Russia, and Poland.

Interpol says he is taking close proximity to the situation as well as with member countries.

Ukraine has affected most of the cyber attacks, where many government companies and energy companies, including bank computer systems, are targeted to badly attack.

Card system paying payouts in the capital city metro is not working, while many petrol stations have to close their work.

Russia’s oil-producing company Secrets and Danish shipping company Mircas also have a technical disorder.

In addition, the Copenhagen-run company wrote on his Twitter account: ‘We can confirm that the Mir system’s IT system on many business units is not working due to a cyber attack. We are evaluating the situation and our employee, operation and consumer safety are our priority.

Spain’s media reported that many multi- national companies such as Mandela and legal companies Ela Piper are also under the cyber attack.

St. Gobain, a French manufacturer of construction equipment, has also said that he has been affected by cyber attacks.

The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister has shared a photo on Twitter, which looks like a system error report.

It is believed that even before the worldwide companies had targeted similar cyber attacks.

At present, notifications of rendering software were received in 99 countries including the United States, Britain, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.

Ransom software is a virus that lets you lock computer or files with the virus and it is asked to open it.