7 Major New Features of The WhatsApp

7 Major New Features of The WhatsApp

7 Major New Features of The WhatsApp.

Whats app has become a part of the commitment to internet users and it has proved to be the social and social media application so efficient that its subscribers continue to grow with each passing day, and the Wats app has 7 new features. Introduce you that can be very useful for you.


1) Jefferson making and video editing:

These days the use of liquor to maximize messaging on the internet is becoming more and more. That’s why the Wats app has introduced a new feature that lets you edit them in video by converting them into a javascript. For this video should be protected in your mobile phone. When editing a video, editing options are also available, if you make video length or duration 6 seconds, automatically the option of jupiter will appear in front of you. You can make a jumble by using it.

You can bury the duration of 6 seconds anywhere in the video. In addition, you can write something on the video and add emails.


2) editing in pictures

The Wats app has recently introduced an extremely important editing option, with which you can also adjust your hand while handling your photos. With this option, you can write, draw, rotate, and add emails to some of the photos on the photos. In addition to this, you can make the message easier by using more options for editing.


3) Pinching chats:

Often times there are so many messages that make it easy to find key chats immediately. The Wats app resolved this issue and introduced the option of “pin” to chats, resulting in the unusual chats down and key chats.


4) Changing text format

With this option, you can bold (featured) the text, change the font and even smaller.

5) language

The Wats app also provides you with an interaction in different languages.


6) Taking Shortcuts

You can also make shortcuts on the home screen of the person or group you chat too much. This way you will be comfortable and every time the Wats app will open up and then avoid the difficulty of going on chat.

7) Customization of Notification Factories

Through this feature, you can receive key fonts for key people’s messages. It’s easy to enable this option. Subscribe to Custom Notifications – Fixed Notifications for Custom Connections.