Always smile and look Rich, Research

Always smile

Always smile and look, Rich, Research


Toronto: Psychiatric psychologists say that if you want to succeed in life, you should always worship the face of the rich and the sad smile.

This wide social and psychological study under Faculty of Arts and Science under the University of Toronto Canada has been reviewed by the people of different sections of society who are usually present on their faces.

Although for thousands of years socially it is said that Amiri and the poor establish a permanent impression on the face of any human, but for the first time in the study, the nature of this nature has been tried to know the nature of this impression.


During this study, thousands of women and gentlemen were examined when they were in a normal condition – neither were they grieved or neither happy. The general impression has found the muscle structure based on the face of the face and other different people were asked to show the face to see that the person visible in the picture (seeing only his face) is rich. Or poor

Answers from volunteers, where it was confirmed that the happiness and satisfaction of the rich and wealthy people are often significantly important, which includes a slight smile on their lips; it also found that other people liked the same impression And seeing a person’s permanent smile, someone understands the males, whether the person is really poor.

On the contrary, if a wealthy person has kept anger and seriousness on his face, other people usually consider it poor or middle class.

For people who are happy and happier on their face, there are more opportunities for their lives and career because the person in front of them takes a sense of joy.

The study also confirmed that a permanent impression on a person’s face (whether he is of seriousness or suffering or joy) results in experiences and disorders in life and maybe human beings of this impression But the deadline for establishing opinion about Amiri or the Crisis has been strengthened in thousands of years.

The results of this research have been published in the latest issue of “Journal of Persecution and Social Psychology”, which is just about how the situation is, always keep smiling; Success will kiss your step.