Chalmon Produce the Electricity From Sunlight

Chalmon Produce the Electricity From Sunlight

Chalmon Produce the Electricity From Sunlight

Ukraine: An engineer has claimed that he has become the world’s first solar blended (Chalmon) capable of producing electricity and collecting.

It has been replaced by the alternative solar panels installed on the roof, claiming that it will reduce home power costs up to 70 percent and one price is equal to $ 270 or 27,000.

The lens square area of the bill generates electricity at a rate of 15 watts and a laptop can be charged easily with an average window lid. The most important thing is that it has small motors that turn the moonlight like sunflowers to the sun. It has been named Solar Gap.


This system also provides the convenience of selling additional electricity, which can be sent on two-way electrical. It was made by Yugen Eric and started a farming fund for his project and in three weeks he had to collect $ 50,000, while he has collected one million dollars in the same period.

Eric is from Ukraine and he has installed solar blades in many homes and offices of his country because there can be hundreds of houses in a building, while solar panels can not be used everywhere on the terrace, on the same way the solar chamber is its best solution. Is.


According to Eric, it will reduce the natural gas and oil consumption and the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment will be able to control.

The smart blend can be 40 to 60 watts if the window is of two square feet.